Hi there. My name is Chad. I built this site by hand back in the 90’s to support my learning habit. I keep artifacts and stories here having mostly to do with people, ideas, and technology. Hopefully they’re metaphorical crumbs, too, a trail to help someone find their way back to whatever it was they were supposed to be doing before getting lost on the Internet.

Speaking of getting lost, many of my talents revolve around finding my way out of dense and vast forests, both literally and figuratively. I’m grateful for the way that work continues to harden my skills and soften my heart, which may be a way of saying I’m a self-taught type who learns best from practical application in the field, doing things out in the wild world.

chad calease - people + ideas + technology

My professional path has been a meandering one, to say the least. Due to a curiosity disease, the symptoms of which force me to make unorthodox choices to continue learning about things in both broad and deep swaths across disciplines, I’ve been shaped into a people-focused designer at heart and a fluent technologist by practice. Creative and technical skills live in the same room in my mind because they need each other and one isn’t nearly as useful without the other.

learning like an octopus

After many years in technology infrastructure, digital media, and other, seemingly unrelated pursuits that really weren’t unrelated at all, the path has led to Information Security. I’m not so much interested in InfoSec as I am in the behavioral economics of the human condition and applying an intentional approach to design to solve big problems that seem to persistently diminish our quality of life and yet are largely preventable. InfoSec and privacy are pretty big challenges, so it’s been a worthwhile stop along the way.

Meanwhile, I continue to gravitate towards complex problems that require a broad skill set to solve, like helping a broad array of clients in diverse industries find a way out of their own, respective forests. More on that story here: agile.wimzkl.com

There are no secrets to helping others find a way out of their forests and doing it well has surprisingly little to do with technology. Instead, success revolves around listening, communicating, and connecting with people who have diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures, skills, and ability levels. It’s essential to do this in accessible, meaningful, and memorable ways. Whether they’re business leaders, creatives, designers, engineers, knowledge workers, or the technical elite, they’re all just people with challenges that can be solved in simple and satisfying ways.

In spite of the current social-political challenges, I remain optimistic about the future and having an opportunity to help evolve into a thoughtful culture that collectively values empathy, tolerance, respect, diversity, and neurodiversity, with a genuine commitment to learning and making good decisions for the long-term.


Since early in 2007, I’ve kept a micro-journal of sorts on Twitter with these same motivations in mind.

If you find something useful and/or inspiring here, cool, please use it but remember to share and share, alike.

Here’s some stuff I do in no particular order:

See you ’round.