Idea Machine

My little boy teaches me to innovate within a limited set of materials and parameters through a simple but challenging exercise: he asks me to draw a unique napkin for his lunch each day.

The Underrated Power of Lists

Like making lists? Me, too. Even though my lists may not look like lists in the traditional sense, they still serve a pretty cool purpose.

Father’s Day 2019

A self-indulgent letter to a son from his dad to be read some day in the distant future.

Guardian Firewall for iOS

I’ve been looking forward to writing up my first experiences with Sudo Software’s Guardian firewall for iOS. So here are a few thoughts on it. Keep in mind the app is still in beta and isn’t a final release candidate just yet. Once installed, the only thing a user needs to do to activate Guardian,…

The FBI wants you to report fraud

Thank the gods there are smart and thoughtful people on the Internet like my pal, mzbat. So big gratitude to her because everything she touches turns to A W E S O M E. Today, she’s been sharing what she’s learning at Combating Cybersecurity Threats 2019. I’m interested. For starters, what bat’s live-tweeting validates what…

Say hello to Jack!

We picked up our new puppy yesterday and he’s settling in so nicely! Of the puppies I’ve raised in my life, this little guy is v.3.0 and is a mature release, to say the least: rode home in the car chill as can be, took a family stroll with all of us last night after…

The Teeter and Totter of Innovation

Every Christmas, while watching everyone tear into gifts of the world’s new hotness, I think about innovation: what it is, what it means, what makes it successful, and the key tenets of how innovations achieve wide adoption.

Redux: MacTech 2018

This time last week I was wrapping up MacTech Conference in Los Angeles. The three-day conference was satisfying on some unexpected levels this year. First, for the people, second for the learning, and third for the crazy schwack happening all around us. The shooting cast a shadow as it happened in the middle of the…

Next up: MacTech 2018

I’m grateful to be included among the impressive list of speakers invited to present in L.A. this year. Here’s the synopsis of my talk.